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Fer du Monde
Corrientes 1145 P.B. 10
C1043AAL - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m
(5411) 4382-7665

We have opened our doors to the corporative world since 1998, offering gifts specially designed for every occasion. The years we have in this market gives us the possibility to work with different raw materials such as, metal, acrylic, marble, and wood.

Companies like Nestlé Argentina, Coca-Cola FEMSA de Buenos Aires, AGF Allianz Argentina, Exxon Mobil, and AFJP Prorenta have already trusted in us.

Seriousness, responsibility, and efficiency are the parameters where we based our corporate philosophy.

Note: the pictures of the pieces shown below are only examples of the artwork we have done for some clients in certain time and under particular needs.

Revista Imagen

Award: “Eikon”, Awarded to Excellence in Institutional Communication.

Need: To reproduce a design.

Creation: The artwok, as per the design given by the firm, was made on lacquered wood and has an sphere of artisanal glass.

Coca-Cola FEMSA de Buenos Aires

Special mention: “10th Anniversary”

Need: To design and make a piece in which transparence and gratitude is highlighted.

Creation: The piece was made in acrylic of 10 mm of thickness. In the middle there is placed a sculpture “Afecto” (Fondness) made in pewter with patina of old silver with laser engraved.

Ministerio de Salud, Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud

Award: “Innovation in National Attention Systems of Welfare Users”

Need: To design and make a prize pointing out attributes of seriousness, importance and acknowledgement.

Creation: The piece is an exclusive design. On a black acrylic base hand-made grinding is raised the sculpture “Dama de la Victoria” (Lady of Victory) made in pewter with patina of polished silver. Next to it there is a star fire glass of 10 mm of thickness laser engraved, with the logo of the company in metal.

The artwok was delivered in an artisanal cardboard box specially made and covered with Moire fabric. The same counts with a cover, with a folding ribbon for its closing.

Cork-screws with “Espíritu del Vino” sculpture (Wine Spirit) and “Baco” (Bacchus), bathed in gold 18kl and silver 925, respectively, with a wooden stand. It is delivered in an artisanal box of lacquered solid wood with magnet-closing.
Articles made in silver 900 with hand-made pierced or engraved initials.
Keychain made in silver 900 and bronze.
Commemorative medals made from pewter under the melting method, bathed in Gold 18kl
and Silver 925.
Mention “Piedra Rosetta” (Rosetta Stone) made in metal mounted on black marble and a base of stone.
Pins made in gold 18kl and silver 925.
Mention “Torre de Petróleo” (Oil Tower) made in silver mounted on black Portoro marble.

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